NOTICE:  Gary retired from firearms instruction in the fall of 2019 after having graduated nearly 6,000 students over a period of about 25 years.  Gary recommends that interested students contact instructor Nate Martin in Missoula at (406) 207-4160.

Montana Firearms Academy

Missoula, Montana

Self Defense – Firearms Safety – Shooting Skills – Montana Laws – Use of Force – Concealed Weapon Permits

Instruction offered

Firearm Safety For Concealed Weapon Permits

Next Steps, Intermediate Handgunning

Precision Rifles and Riflery

Resources for Students

Call Gary Marbut at 406-549-1252 to get on a waiting/notification list to be notified when any of these classes are scheduled.

Or, email Gary at gary_ AT (replace “_ AT _” with “@” - done to foil spambots)