Precision Rifles and Riflery from Hunting to Precision

This three-day course will cover rifles, accessories, ammunition, shooting skills and much more.  The net focus of the class will be about being able to reliably hit small targets at long ranges under field conditions.

Were you ever concerned that your skills, rifle and ammunition may not be up to a difficult shot?  Are you interested in being able to pick up enough knowledge and information in one place to substantially improve your ability to connect with that long shot?  Do you want to tune up for varmint hunting, or be able to reliably take a big game animal from 500 yards?

This curricula is designed to give the typical hunter the knowledge and skills necessary to upgrade shooting equipment and ability to precision riflery.

Learn about barrels, blueprinting, loading for accuracy, field shooting for accuracy, optics, ballistics, ballistic software, range estimation, environmental effects, groups to sight in and groups to prove rifles, accurate ammunition and shooter, and much more.

This class is limited to the first 20 applicants.  Tuition - $195

The class includes two days of classroom instruction and one day of practical work at the range.