Gun Safety for Concealed Weapon Permits

This co-ed course is intended to familiarize students with the safe application of firearms for self defense. Delivered all in one weekend day, students will spend morning in the classroom and the afternoon at the shooting range in this course. Over 4,00 students have now graduated from this program, over half women.

Graduates earn a credential that qualifies them to apply for a Montana concealed weapon permit, if they choose to apply.

This course will focus on safe handling, storage and use of handguns suitable for personal protection, kids and guns, selecting a personal firearm, issues of personal protection, allowable use of lethal force, shooting skills and more. The class begins at 9:00 AM, and finishes by 4:00 PM.

Class size is limited to the first 20 registrants. Preregistration and pre-class study are required. Tuition is $100 per student. Tuition waiver possible as necessary. Students under 16 years of age accepted only with instructor permission – inquire.

At the Range with a typical class:

"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. It was informative, well-organized, and VERY enjoyable! ... you did a masterful job...  I would highly recommend your classes to anyone wanting to know more about guns, shooting sports, or handgun defense."  Brad



CANCELLATION/REFUND - No refunds will be issued to students who fail to show up for a class, to students who fail to attend a complete class, or to students who have paid tuition but choose to cancel for a particular class date.  If a student has a genuine distress situation or emergency, such as a health problem for the student or immediate family member, I will reschedule the student for a subsequent class at no additional cost.

LATE ARRIVAL AT CLASS - The instructional day is packed with information essential to class completion.  Although I will try to work with students who have unavoidable delays, such as automobile breakdowns enroute to class, generally students who are not present at the beginning of the class day will not receive credentials for class completion.

Because I have now graduated over 4,000 students from these classes over the past 25 years, it won't surprise former students to learn that I get requests to replace of mislaid class completion credentials.  Because of that, I've had to develop a policy concerning certificate replacements.

What I certify to the sheriff with the certificate I issue is that
the student has been trained to know safe gun handling and that I have tested the student to be safe handling firearms.  Students will remember my warning that the skills I teach are perishable.

Given those presumptions, it is my policy to not reissue certificates that are over three years old - for class completion more than three years in the past -, because I no longer have current personal knowledge to assure the sheriff that the student has retained good, safe gun handling skills.

RESERVED CLASS SLOT AFTER NO-SHOW - Some prospective students have reserved class slots but have failed to obtain class materials or attend, sometimes more than once.  Such students waste an opportunity for other students who would like to be included in a limited size class.  Any prospective student who registers for a slot in a class but fails to follow through by obtaining class materials and attending may be disallowed from future class registration.