Next Steps Handgunning

Next Steps Handgunning is an intermediate handgunning class designed to take graduates of the basic IHW and CWP classes to the next level of handgunning.

This one-day class is done all at the shooting range (no classroom portion) and covers more firearm safety, tactics, and many more advanced shooting skills than those covered in the basic class.

The skills covered in this class include:  multiple shots at targets, shooting multiple targets, speed reloads standing and on the move, shooting from kneeling, weak and strong hand shooting, shooting from cover, shooting on the move, shooting under stress, and more.  Students will shoot 300 to 350 rounds of ammunition.  Tuition for this class is $150 and classes are limited to 10 students.  The class lasts from 9 AM to 4:30 PM with 30 minutes for a brown bag lunch about Noon.


Comments from class graduates:

"Next Steps Handgunning" was a useful and enjoyable follow-up to the CWP class.  We spent a full day at the range, developing skills introduced in the basic class and learning a variety of new ones.  Instruction was clear and positive, and there was plenty of quality practice time.  As always, Gary and his assistants made sure that safety and FUN were paramount, so this class deserves an enthusiastic "thumbs up"!



That was a very valuable day with you Saturday. It was hard work -- I was exhausted by the end-and I enjoyed every minute of it! Well-worth the 200-mile drive each way.

You are an excellent teacher. I'd highly recommend your classes to anyone serious about gun safety and improving their shooting

Thank you for taking such good care of our safety and helping us learn so much.

Best regards,
Robert, Bozeman


Class photos

Demonstration 1
Gary demonstrates proper technique for draw, using a plastic "training" gun

Demonstration 2
More demonstration about proper draw

Gary supervises class practice

Gary coaches student about grip

More coaching about grip, VERY important for a small shooter

Gary demonstrates proper revolver loading technique

Proper stance is critical for good shooting

Gary introduces students to the targets used, and scoring on the targets

Shot timer
Students learn about the shot timer (blue object in Gary's hand)

Strong Hand 1
Gary demonstrates proper technique for strong hand only shooting

Strong Hand 2
Students practice the strong hand only technique

Weak Hand
Gary demonstrates weak hand only technique

Gary coaches a student about how to most safely transfer a gun from strong hand to weak hand

Students taping holes in targets

Shooting Fast
Gary demonstrates that with proper stance, grip and recoil management it is possible to shoot fast and accurately - two brass in the air and no muzzle rise.

Move and Shoot
Students learn how to move and shoot

Shoot on the Move
Gary demonstrates how to shoot while moving

Reload While Moving
Gary demonstrates how to reload while moving