Resources for
Gun Safety for Concealed Weapons Permits

Gary's Intermediate Handgunning Classes

Montana Shooting Sports Association

Pro Gun Leaders (a function of MSSA)

Western Montana Fish and Game Association

Big Sky Practical Shooting Club

Keep and Bear Arms dot Com

National Rifle Association

Gun Owners of America

Second Amendment Foundation

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Jerry Miculek's revolver techniques

No Nonsense Self Defense

Stephen Wenger's Defensive Use of Firearms
A LOT of good information here, including reciprocity

Gun laws in the US

Summaries of state laws

Books of gun laws for various states

Concealed Carry (.net); laws and reciprocity

US Concealed Carry Association

US Carry

Montana Counties CWP issue

What you must know BEFORE you leave your house with a gun

Concealed carry methods for women

Don't talk to cops (great video – 10 minutes)

Tips for interaction with police - traffic stop

Cornered Cat - a great resource for women

Selway Armory – concealed carry purses in Missoula

2825 Stockyard Rd., Unit D-3, Missoula, MT, 59808

A VERY interesting podcast (playable audio file) about self defense

Wikipedia - about concealed carry and laws nationwide - great resource