Results of the April 19, 2008 Potomac Rifle Match

The officially predicted blizzard did not occur (as we predicted).  Great match weather.  The match was full (41 shooters).  Shooters report having had a great match.

Many shooters have agreed to email me a short description of what gear (cartridge, rifle, optics, etc.) they were using, and I'll post that information here as it comes in, so check back.  Match photographer Duane Spethman will get me digitals ASAP, and I'll post those here too when they come in.  Finally, I'll invite shooters to offer comments about the match that I will post here also.

Here are the results:

Precision Class (64 targets)

Glen Demaray          47   Barrel-Lilja 1-9 hvy vmt @30in; Action-Tikka M695; Stock-MPI Tactical; Leuphold 6.5-20x VXIII;
                                                   in .280AI shooting 180g JLK's @2850fps

Shannon O'Keefe     43   .300 WSM; mcmillan A-5 stock; 1 in  14" twist; berger 155 VLD's, 61.5 of varget
Bob Anton               42  
Factory Savage F/TR in .308.; Nightforce 5.5X22; 175 SMK;Old Win brass

Dustin Homan         42   Ruger M77 .243 with a Bushnell 10X40 mil-dot scope; shooting 95 grain Berger Match VLD bullets
Shawn Williams       41  Rem 700 300 Weatherby; Leoupold 6.5-20 EFR; 210 Berger VLD; 80GR. RE-25
Jim Williams            40   Rem 700 22 BRL; LEOUPOLD 6-18; BULLET 75 GR. BERGER VLD; 31GR. IMR 4320
Tim Lund                 39   Barrel-Obermyer 1-11 #4@27.5in; Action-Borden LSR; McMillan featherweight graphite;
                                                   300RUM; 190g JLK's @ 3150fps; Burris 8-32x

Mike Dominick         37  
Cooper Phoenix, .260 rem, Schmidt and Bender 4X16 with Horus h25 reticle

Ernie Bishop             35   Centergrip Remington XP-100 7mm Dakota, Lawton 1-9 twist barrel, Lawton Brake,
                                                    McMillan Centergrip stock, Scmidt and Bender first focal plane scope 5-25 with Holland's ART
                                                     reticle. Near Mfg. 20 MOA picatinny base, 176 Carterucio, Retumbo, Federal 210M

Eric Wallace             35
Lance Wickum         35   7mm WSM; FNH SPR action; Mcmillian stock; jewell trigger @ 2.5lbs; 26" Lawton 6 groove 8.5
                                                    twist barrel; patriot arms inc. muzzle  brake; Tasco super sniper scope w/ badger rings;
                                                   180 berger bullets; 75.1 retumbo; WLRM primer

Steve Brown             32
Gary Marbut             31   .308 Win DPMS Panther, AR10, bull, Miculek brake; Weaver V24 mil dot; 168gr Hornady                                                                     A-Max over 45.5 Varget in new Winchester brass; WLR primer.
Rustin Slaughter       31
Neal Dykasra            29  
Rem 700 .300 Jarrett. Leupold 4.5x14. Berger 190's over H1000

Dale Poling               29
Rob Tomczak           29
Randy Stemple         28  
Armalite Ar-30 300winmag with Nightforce 12-42x56br scope with the NPR-2 reticle.  Berger 210vld                                                     @2879fps over 80.1gr of H1000.  Badger mounts and GG&g Bipod

Dave Bennett           26   7mm STW with a Lilja 30" barrel and a Night Force 2.5 to 10 scope; Barnes triple shock bullet
B.J. Playle                26
Lyle Benjamin          24
James Croft              24
Dan Bennett             23
Leroux Redman       23
Dave Arabenz          21
Neal Passow            20
Jim Olivarez             18
Larry Lamplan           8

Hunter Class (41 targets)

Adam Edman            38
Mark Hartig               35   Bushmaster Predator in 5.56x45; Sightron 3-9x40 scope; Sierra .224 60 grain hollowpoint;
                        `                           25 grains H-335

Colin Brown              35
Stephen Ball              33
John Gross                 33
Chase Williams          32   Rem 700 223; 6-18 LEOUPOL LR Reticle; 50-VMAX; 25 GR. H 322
Dave Broberg            31  
Rem 700 8mm rem mag; Buschnell 3200 10x mil dot; 200 gr Seirra Match King 74.5 gr 4350

Scott Morley              24   .303 British;  1943 Long Branch No. 4, Mk-l Lee Enfield; Tasco 3x9x50;  l50 gr. Hornady;
                                                       SP Interlock, H4895  Hodgedon, CCI 200, Frontier brass.

Josh Smith                  24
Lee Hyslop                23
Chris Aymes              20
Charlie Woolley        19
Scott Cahill                17

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