Here are a few video clips on YouTube

Potomac precision rifle match.  A 2-minute news segment done by KECI TV of Missoula.  Click HERE for more info.

Guns in Montana
.  A 3-minute segment aired on Al Jazeera news March 19, 2008

From Western Montana with Love.  A 13-minute documentary of community support for Montana military personnel serving in Gulf War I.
(Done in two parts because YouTube doesn't allow videos longer than 10 minutes.)

From Western Montana with Love - Part 1/2

From Western Montana with Love - Part 2/2

Self Defense.  A 30-second MSSA public service announcement about self defense

Hunting Ethics.  A 30-second MSSA PSA about hunting ethics, with Congressman Ron Marlenee

"Assault weapons?"  An MSSA news story abou the myth of "assault weapons".  (Correction:  It was a .45 revolver, not a 9mm as the narrator says.)

Gun Safety.  About gun safety for kids, with Ty

Anecdote:  I'd recently read to Ty a Louis L'Amour novel about a traveler in the desert who put a pebble in his mouth to help allay thirst.  Being concerned about a possible dry mouth for this interview, Ty put a pebble in his mouth, affecting his diction just a bit.