Week 5

Monday, September 10th.  Lea has been here a whole month now.  Puppies grow fast until they are full grown.  We visited the vet today to use the scales there and Lea now weighs 25.6 pounds.

Her injured leg is doing MUCH better.  It is still possible to detect a limp when she first gets up from sleeping, but hard to do so otherwise.

She seems to have learned that she can't play with fawns - fawns' moms don't like it.  She keeps her distance.


Fawn 2

Fawn 3

She is back to playing with Salmon.  I continue to be amazed at how much rough treatment Salmon will tolerate.

Her favorite trick is to latch onto Salmon's collar to drag and shake him (or strangle him).
Collar 1

"Hey, don't be so rough with the cat" I say.  "Who, me?" she says.
Who me?

Rarely, Salmon will use teeth and claws.

Salmon looked like a junkyard cat after Lea finished rolling him in the bark, pitch and dirt.