Week 4

Tuesday, September 4th; beginning of Lea's fourth week with us.

Lea visited the vet, Dr. Enebo.  He says the injury to her hip likely will be only temporary.  Keep her quiet; let her rest, the vet says.  He provided some anti-inflammatory medication to give her daily.

Lea now weighs 21.5 pounds.

So, it's been a quiet week - a lot of quiet hanging out.

Lea continues to have a limp in her left hind leg, although she continues to improve, albeit gradually.  When she first gets up after lying down for a while, the limp is more pronounced.  As she moves and exercises, the limp decreases.

Not much photogenic activity this week, with Lea being on medical "light duty."  She will go back to the vet for a revisit on next Monday.