Tuesday, 8/28.  Lea is now beginning her third week as a "Marbut."  She went to the vet yesterday for her second round of puppy shots.  She weighs 19.1 pounds!  Nearly twice what she did two weeks ago when we brought her home.

When Whistler was with us, she liked to play the "squirt" game with water from our pumping station.  Now, Lea is learning the "squirt" game.  Here's a short video.

Still napping a lot.  Getting used to the "Dogloo."
In doghouse

Sometimes she likes to go for a dip.  Problem is, the pool is too small to swim (this is where dog, cat, deer and elk drink).

Of course, Lea continues to sleep a LOT.  I think she is 1/4" taller every time she gets up from an extended nap.

It's time for Lea to learn to play Frisbee, but she gets frustrated when she can't pick it up (because she's standing on it).

Lea tries another swim in a too-small pond, this time captured on video:

Lea is not the only one who likes puppy chow.
Blue Jay

Interesting happenings in Lea's life today.  She was outside playing.  I was inside when I heard her scream in pain, more than once.  I dashed outside to see her running down the hill behind the solar panels, barely, on three legs, dragging her left hind leg.  I had to carry her inside.  She couldn't stand and was in great pain from her left rear leg.

I examined her leg but could not identify anything obviously broken.  No surface wound.  When I first saw her running, there was a flock of turkeys moving up the hill, away from the solar panels.

I called her vet, but predictably he was not in on Labor Day.  So, I decided to wait and watch Lea.

For the first half of today, Lea could not even stand without assistance.  Late this afternoon she could get up, but kept her LR leg off the ground.  This evening, she can walk, but with a pronounced limp.  She laid on a pad on the spa lid most all day.

I'm thinking now that maybe a deer stomped her with a hoof.

Lea has been very curious about deer - wants to play with them, I think.  Maybe this doe was "defending" her fawn.

Here's how she looked lying on her pad all day.
Poor puppy

It's off to the vet tomorrow morning.