Lea and Salmon now hang out together a lot.  Salmon will even initiate play with Lea.

So does Ty a week and a few hours after we got her.
Ty Leah1

Ty Leah 2

Ty Leah 3

And, she still naps a lot, but now she wants to nap outside because Salmon is outside.
Napping outside

Lea has found a new favorite perch in the house - on top of my range bag.
Range bag

Two things puppies do pretty well; chew and sleep.

Lea and Salmon at play again.  Lea has learned to grab Salmon's collar.
LS Play1

I'm amazed at how tolerant Salmon is of this sometimes rough play.
LS Play2

Lea says, "Let's try chewing on this cat's ear."
LS Plan3

Time out.
LS Play4

Back at it.  Some claws showing this time - too rough.
LS Play 5

End of week 2.