Puppies sure like to chew.  Lea gets acquainted with Ty's shoe.
Lea and shoe

Pig's ears from Quality Supply are great to chew on too.
Pig's ear

By Ty's guitar case for scale.
By guitar

Puppies do sleep.  This one conks out hard two or three times each day.
Sleep 1

Ty filled up a horse feeding tub for a wading pool on a hot day.
Wading pool

She does love being outside in the grass.
Grass 1

And digging in fresh dirt from a pocket gopher hole.


More sleeping.
Sleeping 2

More sleeping yet.
Sleeping 3

She played with Ty a lot this day.
Play 1

Play 2

Play 3

Play 4

Play 5

Lea REALLY wants to play with the cat, Salmon.  Salmon is not having it.  In fact he gets a belly laugh that a dog would eat grass!!!!!

Puppy in grass - "Aren't I cute?"
In grass

Ellen gets together with Lea - talks to her about the newspaper.  Headline reads (zoom in), "Scrimage time for 'Dogs'."


Lea rips up paper, says, "I'll show you scrimage."

Salmon finally warms up to Lea and is willing to play.
SL Play1

SL Play2

SL Play3

SL Play 4

End of week one.  More soon.