In September, Lea traveled several times with me to Potomac to set up the long range rifle course.  Out in the middle of the hay meadow is a water seep - a spring - a wet spot.  In the middle of the seep is a boggy area with black, black mud.  Guess who found and wallowed in this mud?
Muddy dog

On another trip to Potomac, Lea got to spend some special time with Duane.
with Duane

Lea has had a couple of opportunities to play with my mother's dog, Solle'.  Solle' is a Newfoundland, about 9 months old - lots of energy and lots of size.
Solle 2

Solle 1

Solle 3

On this Monday's visit to the vet's office to use the scale, Lea weighed 37.2 pounds.

She still wants to play with the deer.  She REALLY wants to play with them.  She's very frustrated that they don't want to play with her.  In this series, she's trying to entice a deer to play.
Deer 1

The deer is not sure it's a good idea.
Deer 2

OK, I'll take a closer look at this short, fuzzy animal.
Deer 3

Watch deer.  We could do stuff like this!!  Run spot run.
Deer 4

Or roll over.  Come on!!
Deer 5

Or run in circles.  It's easy.  Just try it.
Deer 6

So, why are you so interested in this grass?
Deer 7

Why is this fuzzy critter sniffing the grass?
Deer 8

OK, can we be friends now?
Deer 9

Eat grass?  Well, OK, I can eat some grass too.  Dogs don't usually eat grass.  Doesn't look like much fun, but I'll try it just to go along.
Deer 9

Yuck, grass.  Let's do something else.
Deer 10

Let's RUN!!!!  Watch this.  This is FUN!
Deer 11

Don't want to run?  Try rolling over.
Deer 12

The deer has reached the limit of its comfort zone with this frisky puppy.
Deer 13