Introduction to Handguns for Women

2013 Update. I have graduated so many ladies from these classes that it is now difficult to fill classes. So, I have switched to coed classes (guys and gals), which are usually over half women. I have now graduated over 3,800 students from these classes.

This ladies-only course is intended to familiarize women with the safe application of firearms for self defense.  Delivered all in one weekend day, students will spend morning in the classroom and the afternoon at the shooting range in this course.  Nearly 1,000 women have graduated from this course in the past 12 years.  Women gain a surprising comfort zone about firearms and personal security in this class.

Graduates earn a credential that allows them to apply for a Montana concealed weapon permit, if they choose to apply.

This course will focus on safe handling, storage and use of handguns suitable for personal protection, kids and guns, selecting a personal firearm, issues of personal protection, allowable use of lethal force, shooting skills and more.  The class begins at 9:00 AM, and finishes at 4:00 PM.  Class size is limited to the first 20 registrants and preregistration is required..  The tuition is $100 per student, with fee waived if necessary.  No age restrictions.

At the Range with a typical class: