A few photos from the 09/29/07 "Potomac Precision" rifle match.

Shooting Position 1 - Tyler crams into his strange hat.  Bret begins to unfold his tent.
Shooting Position 1

Some gear at Shooting Position 1.  Bret's rifle was still in his tent.  Notice Scott's classic Hunter Class .303 with the wood and leather stock.

Eric does his impression of Merriweather Lewis

Locating targets while Bret hydrates.
Position 1 again

Bret spots while Tyler shoots.
Position 6

Gravity didn't seem to affect the wind flag much.
Position 6-2

Bret offered the use of his shooting mat.  Tyler only wanted a small piece of it (actually, there was a pretty wide spread on the targets from Shooting Position 6).

More soon if anyone sends me any.