Comments about the 9/29/07 match:



It was a very fun shoot. I have a couple of thoughts for hunter class.

It may be good to add about five targets to the mix with at least 2-3 being mandatory off hand targets at between 50 - 100 yards. A fifty yard 5" target would be very demanding.

The other 2 -3 targets would be from 400 - 500 yards.

The reason for this is to get some spread between the scores of the top shooters in hunter class and to do an adequate test of an unsupported position.

As it turned out the targets that were intended to be shot off-hand could be shot sitting or kneeling.

Time constraint was good -- just enough to feel the pressure but still very shootable.

I have shot steel challeng with a pistol but this was a first time with a rifle. I would rather do the rifle - it was a blast.

I learned a lot about precision as I had not been around that kind of shooting. Very interesting. It looked way more fun than punching holes in paper. When I get to it I will set up a rifle for that game. The great part of the steel precision is I think you could be competitive without spending 3-4000 on a set up. Is that a fair assesment?

Thanks for hosting this and a special thanks to the land owners.



I thought the match was great fun and well thought out.  I am new to this sport and have nothing to compare it to.  The time element was appropriate given the short daylight hours.  It adds another factor into the shoot and makes it more competetive.

Not having the 1000yd target seemed to be on some minds, but I did not think it was a big deal.  The 1000 yard start target may be a workable idea if it is deemed important to have a 1000 yard.

I think the reasons you and Rocky mentioned for why you set up the coarse the way you did made sense and were reasonable.

Nice job.  Please forward to Rocky.



Again, great job on the match.
I wouldn't change a thing, actually. (Maybe spell my name right in the results next time...)
I think you could add some props and make it more "fun" now that I think about it.  How cool would it be to shoot from behind camo netting?  Or have hunter shoot from behind one of those big trees?  In fact, there is your barricade - if this works - for PR class make sure your body is straight behind the tree (prone, hidden) and roll out to the side to shoot.  Could use IPSC 1x2" fault line boards.
I'm sure you could come up with all sorts of evil contorted positions.  Although my back hurts just thinking about it...

Best regards,
Bret Heidkamp