October 19, 2008
Potomac Precision Rifle Match

Match day began with cool, damp weather and low-hanging clouds/fog concealing some of the hillsides in the match area, including some of the more distant target arrays.  By the time shooting started, the mist had lifted and all targets were visible throughout the day.  The day warmed gradually to warm sunshine in the afternoon.  The important part of this report is that the wind remained nearly dead calm throughout the day.  All shooters report having had a great day of shooting.

One close, Precision Class target at Shooting Position 1 went down early in the day.  Somebody plugged the bolt that hung the target from the belting.  The 500-yard Hunter Class target at Shooting Position 2 was down at match beginning, probably knocked down by cows rubbing on it.  We substituted at Precision Class target at 517 yards.  One two-target array at Shooting Position 7 was leaning badly throught the day.  All other targets were fine, except some shooters complain that the targets are learning to dodge bullets.

Here are the match results.

Precision Class - 65 targets
Name                 # hits
Rob Tomczak    50
Chris Gittings    47
Willie Wegner   46
Bob Anton         44
Neal Passow      39
Gary Marbut      34
Sonny Stewart    28
Rustin Slaughter 16
Bill Maxwell       15
Dave Arbenz       13
Hunter Class - 41 targets  
Jeff Priddy          34
Ray Paige           33
Chris Haynes      31
Charlie Woolley 31
John Gross          29
Mark Grimes       25
Scott Morley       18