Potomac Rifle Match
October 16, 2010

We had a great match of still air, with a cool morning and warmer in the afternoon.  Zero precipitation.

We might have set course records except that the previous top shooters were gone hunting.

There were two new target arrays provided, one array from Position 3 at 840 yards with two targets, large and medium in landscape and portrait.  Another
array was at Position 4 at 850 yards with two targets, large and medium in landscape and portrait. We took two targets at 332 away from Precision Class at Position 4 and added those two to Hunter Class.  This makes 43 targets for Hunter in the match, and 67 (scored) targets for Presision (plus the three non-scored targets at 1,337 yards).

There was an exceptional shootoff for third place Hunter between Scott Morley and new shooter Alexa Moss.  Both missed the tie-breaker target on the first shot, both hit on the second shot, and both missed on the third shot, so neither eliminated the other.  At that point Scott was totally out of ammo.  Alexa had one more round with which she tried to hit the tie-breaker target.  She missed so we declared an unresolved tie for third place Hunter.

Here are the final results:

Precision Class/Score

Bob Anton 53
James O'Neill 51
Willie Wegner 50
Ty Marbut 45
Gary Marbut 44
Steve Jaegers 28
Rustin Slaughter 27
Sonny Stewart 24
Colin Brown 20
Tom Ryan dnf

Hunter Class/Score

Warren Schueneman 34
John Gross 32
Alexa Moss 31
Scott Morley 31
Anna Seymour 29
Donny Summers 28
Lloyd Phillips 27
Justin Brown 18
Jim Brager 17
Mike Rodda 9