Potomac Rifle Match

Match Results
September 19, 2009

The weather for this match was great, beginning with a clear, blue sky, dead calm.  As the day progressed, the temperature gradually rose to about 80 degrees, and about 1:30 the wind began.  Befor the match ended, the wind was blowing up to 20 MPH.

The match was lightly attended with only two squads, one of six and one of five shooters.  On the six-man squat, one shooter (Dustin) dropped out after shooting three positions in order to do other, different shooting elsewhere (he needed to practice other disciplines for an upcoming combo match.

Here are the results:

Precision Class

Tim Hagedorn         43
Breck Howard         37
Gary Marbut            34
Bob Anton               32
Steve Feucht            21
Dustin Lohoff           DNF

Hunter Class

Tom Griel                35
Scott Morley            31 (won tiebreaker shootoff)
John Gross               31
Loran Frazier           29
Chris Haynes           28

Match photo