Potomac Rifle Match

September 18, 2010

The match day began looking like rain, but it didn't rain at all.  Wind was nonexistent to mild all day, offering fine shooting conditions.  Many of our usual participants were not present, mostly because of archery season, we inferred.  Otherwise we probably would have set a course record on this day of good shooting conditions.

We made the 1,335-yard target array optional this match - shots at this array did not ad to or subtract from overall match score.  That may change for subsequent matches.  We also may have located some places to insert some 800+-yard targets for Precision class form Shooting Positions 3 and 4.  Stay tuned about this.

At the end of the match, I incorrectly announced a shootoff for first Place Hunter between David Nelson and Dave Demaray.  Correctly, the shootoff was for second place.  I'd overlooked that Craig Campbell had already secured first Hunter.  In the shootoff, Dave Demaray came really close to the tie-breaker target, but David Nelson scored, securing Second Hunter.  Congrats to both.

Here are the final results from the match.

Precision Class
Rob Tomczak - 57
Bob Anton - 55
Glen Demaray - 50
James Croft - 45
Gary Marbut - 42
Steve Feucht - 39
Scott Morley - 32

Hunter Class
Craig Campbell - 34
David Nelson - 32
Dave Demaray - 32
Warren Schueneman - 29
Rob Braswell - 19
Jim Brager - 18
Rob Harvey - 17
Mike Rodda - 16
Walter Billings - 12