Potomac Rifle Match

July 17, 2010


Match weather for this event was great.  We didn't start any fires!!

Scott and I had installed a new target array of large, medium and small targets at an unknown but long distance in a clearing on the hillside visible from shooting position five (do I need to say for Precision Class?).  On the morning of the match, we tried to range this target array, but couldn't get a distance reading.  As a backup plan, we ran a GPS unit on both the target array location and the shooting position.  Result?  1,337 yards!!!  Later in the day, Dale Poling ranged this target array at 1,335 yards from shooting position # 5.  According to the info I brought home from the match, only one shooter got a hit with one of three shots on the array.  We expect that success rate will improve in subsequent matches as shooters develop dope specific for this array.

Chris Gittings admits to having miscalculated Sonny Stewart's scoresheet so Sonny was not recognized at the match as match winner.  That miscalculation is corrected in the standings below for Precision Class.

In Hunter Class, there was a tie for first place.  However, Lloyd left before all scores were in, knowing that there might be a tie and his absence from a possible shootoff for first place would cede first place to the other tie scorer.

Precision Class
Sonny    Stewart     P48
James    O'Neill      P47
Willie    Wegner     P45
Steve    Feucht       P42
Dale    Poling         P35
Steve    Brown       P34
Gary    Marbut       P34
Jim    Schott          P32
Chris    Gittings      P30
Charlie    Woolley   P27
Kurt    Schallock    P23
Morgan    Witt       P18
Patrick    Bamister  P7
Mark    Springer    PDNF

Hunter Class
Rob    Harvey        H29
Lloyd    Phillips      H29
Steve    Hampton    H28
John    Gross          H27
David    Nelson       H27
Chris    Haynes       H26
Steve    Mazure      H17
Scott    Morley       H16