Potomac Rifle Match

Match Results June 19, 2010


This is the first Potomac Rifle Match I've missed, but I was obligated to be out of state on June 19th.

Thanks to Scott Morley and Chris Giddings for administering the match.  Thanks to Scott Morley, Jim Elder and Cody Carroll for sprucing up the course before the match.  And, as always, thanks to Glenn and Juoie Hacker for the use of their pasture for the match.

The weather was good for distance shooting, I am told.  A couple of seasoned shooters had equipment problems and didn't finish the match.  I guess that can happen to anyone.

A couple of participants left before match results were announcemented and took their scoresheets with them.  Because of his missing scoresheet, it was overlooked at the match that Cody Carroll took second place in Precision Class.  Good shooting Cody.

We have located a place for a 968-yard target from Station 5.  When we can install it, we will probably put a three-target array at that location, large, medium and small plates.  We will take two or three closer targets out of the Station 5 targets for Precision Class so the round count at Station 5 is not too high, and wil will adjust the time allowed at Station 5 to fit.

If the weather doesn't turn too hot and dry, we might actually be able to pull off a July match this year.  We'll keep interested folks informed via the existing email list as the potential match date (third Saturday, July 17th) gets closer.

Here are the June 19 scores.



Precision Class

Simon Stonehocker    P56
Cody Carroll             P53
Glen Demaray          P52
Chris Gittings            P46
Breck Howard          P43
Doug Czerwinski       P42
Jim Elder                  P42
Tim Hagedorn          P42
Nicole Hagedorn       P41
Jim Day                   P40
Bob Anton               P39
Dale Poling              P39
Dick Davis               P37
Mark Springer          P35
Sonny Stewart          P34
Matt Bellinger          P33
Steve Feucht            P29
Steve Edgeline         P28
Dorrie Davis            P19
Jim Williams            PDNF
Tom Yurk               PDNF


Hunter Class

Lloyd Phillips          H32 (Shoot-off winner)
Kurt Schallock        H32
Michael Haller         H26
Brandon Damaskos  H24
Cameron Suter        H24
Scott Morley           H13