Match Results
May 28, 2011

The day looked very much like rain, but it never did.  Winds were light but squirrley, changing direction frequently with very local wind conditions that might prevail only in the surrounding 200 yards.  Interesting.

Precision class

P51    Bo    Ployhar    Potomac
P47    James    O'Neill    Bozeman
P46    Matt    Pitman    Seeley Lake
P43    Breck    Howard    Plains
P41    Steve    Ziegler    Bozeman
P38    Ross    Brickelmeyer    Pullman
P36    Bob    Anton    Great Falls
P32    Mark    Springer    Missoula
P30    Steve    Jaegers    Bozeman
P29    Jeff    Priddy    Helena
P26    Gary    Marbut    Missoula
P23    Andy    Hubbard    Missoula
P17    John    Gross    Missoula

Hunter Class

H37    David    Nelson    Missoula
H36    Donny    Summers    Missoula
H35    Craig    Campbell    Missoula
H31    Scott    Morley    Missoula
H26    Jeff    Kopp    Colfax
H26    David    Pittman    Seeley Lake
H24    Paul    Stratford    Florence
H15    Steve    Mazure    Missoula