Match Results
May 16, 2009
(Gear at bottom)

It was superior Spring weather for this match; sunny all day and little wind until late in the match.  28 shooters showed up for this match.

A new match record was fired in Precision Class by Tim Hagedorn of 58 out of 65 targets, with Jim Williams only one target behind Tim.  Great shooting Tim and Jim!

We had an exciting four-way shootoff for first place in Hunter Class between Scott, Chase, Breck and Nichole.  Chase and Nichole are both young shooters and did a fantastic job.  On the first round of the shootoff, no shooter scored, but Breck knocked down this 625-yard shootoff target with a hit on the stand.  A 500-yard target was substituted, which only Scott hit on his first try to nail first place.  Chase hit this target on the second try, for second place.  Nichole had the target surrounded with close hits, but didn't connect, ceding third place to Breck who did connect.

Some shooters promised to send me digital photos of the match - will post when available.

Here are the finishes:

Precision Class
Tim Hagedorn      58
Jim Williams         57
Glen Demaray      50
Shawn Williams    47
Tom Yurk           44
Chris Gittings       42
Bob Anton           41
Gary Marbut        39
Rob Tomczak      35
Willie Wegner      34
Steve Brown        33
Jeff Priddy          33
Sonny Stewart     32
James Croft         28
Eric Smart           22
Jim Panagopoulos 20
Steve Jaegers         7

Hunter Class
Scott Morley        35
Chase Williams     35
Breck Howard      35
Nicole Hagedorn   35
Colin Brown         32
Stephen Brown     31
Matt Brown          24
Conner Gittings     22
John Gross           19
Dan Tolleson        DNF 

Glen engages 800-yard plate from Position 2; Nicole scoring.

Glen still on the 800-yard plate.

Squad 0509 Click for larger version
Left to right:  Glen, Breck, Gary, Tim and Nicole.


Precision Class

1) Tim Hagadorn PC
    Rifle: Custom Rem. 700 LA.  Barrel: Lilja 6.5mm 3 groove 30in Sendero contour
    Stock: Bell&Carlson Tactical.  Trigger: Rem. Tuned @ 2lbs.  No Muzzle Break
    Optics: Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 w. MLR reticle.  Rings: Nightforce Lt. Tac.
    Base: NF Tac. Rail.  Ammo: Handloads w. 140g burger BC @ .595,  H4350      (same charge as Glen D),  Win. Primer, Rem. Brass.  Velocity: 2875 fps
    Chambering: .260 Rem.

3) Glen Demaray PC
    Rifle: DRW Custom Field Comp. Action: Lawton 7000 SA SS.
    Barrel: Brux #7 8T SS @ 27 in. Muzzle Break: DRW Custom Aluminum.
    Bottom Metal: HS Precision DBM. Stock: B&C Light Tactical w. DRW Ultra     Light adjustable cheek piece. Optics: Zeiss 6.5-20 x 50 conquest w.         Rapid Z     Varmint Reticle. Rings: Leupold QRW.  Base: Lawton 20 moa. 
    Trigger: Jewel @ 20 oz w. shoe. Ammo: Handloads w. 142g SMK BC @ .585,     H4350,  Fed 205M,  NT Lapua Brass. Velocity: 2865 fps
    Chambering: 6.5 x 47 Lapua

6) Chris Gettings PC
    Rifle: Custom GA Precision built upper w. factory DPMS Lower.
    Action: AR-10 Style.  Barrel: 26in Bartlien 8.5T.  Stock: Standard A2. 
    Trigger: JP.  Muzzle Break: None.
    Optics/Reticle: IOR Valdata 3-18 x 42  35mm tube, MP-8 A5 reticle.
    Rings: IOR.  Base: Badger Ordanance 20 moa
    Ammo: Handloads  SMK 123g BC @ .510, Varget, Fed 210m. Brass: Rem
    Velocity: 2800   Chambering: 260 Rem.

7) Bob Anton    PC
    Rifle: Custom Savage Target SA.  Barrel: PAC-NOR 7 ½ T @ 30 in. 
    Stock: Custom Laminate. Trigger: Sharp Shooters Supply. Optics: USO ST-17x
    Rings/Base: Farrell. Ammo: Handloads w. 115g DTAC VLD BC @ .585, H4350,     Wolf Primers, Reformed 22-250 brass. Velocity: 2975 fps
    Chambering: 6XC

8) Gary Marbut PC
    Rifle: DPMS AR-10 style.  Barrel: Bull, Fluted.  Trigger: JP. 
    Muzzle Break: Miculek.  Optics/Reticle: Weaver V-24, Mil-Dot.  Rings: Weaver. 
    Ammo: Handloads w. 168g A-Max, Varget, Win. Prime, Win. Brass.
    Velocity: 2730 fps.  Chambering: .308 Win.

9) Anonymous PC
    Rifle: Stock M-14. Optics: Leupold 2-8x MRT Mark 4.
    Ammo: Factory 168 A-Max
    Chambering: 7.62mm Nato (308)

Hunter Class

8) Connor Gettings HTR
    Rifle: Factory Tikka T3 Light.  Barrel: 24 in 11T.  Trigger: Factory @ 2.5 lbs
    Optics/Reticle: Burris 3-9x 40mm BDC reticle. 
    Ammo: Handloads w. 87g V-Max BC @ .400, Varget, CCI 200, Win. Brass.
    Velocity: 3000 fps