Potomac Precision Rifle Match


May 15, 2010

The weather was great and the grass was still short.  There were 36 shooters.  Some variable winds kicked up in the afternoon, frustrating many shooters.

Max Riedel won the shootoff for third place, Hunter Class, on the shootoff second round.

Here are the results:

Precision Class

Dale Poling Bonner 45
Willie Wegner Helena 44 (second by default)
Bob Fitte  44
Steve Brown Great Falls 43
Randy Stemple  40
Tim Hagedorn Thompson Falls 39
Steve Damron Florence 38
Bob Anton Great Falls 38
Dave Arbenz Helena 37
Dan Bennett Bozeman   35
Chris Gittings Helena 35
Dusty Sutton Florence 35
Matt Bellinger Plains 34
Austin Hecker Helena 33
Breck Howard Plains 32
Neal Passow Helena 30
Dave Schafer Bozeman 27
Bill Smith Helena 27
Sonny Stewart Helena 25
Jim Elder Missoula 23
Ty Marbut Missoula 22
Scott Morley Missoula 22

Hunter Class

Pete Young Somers 35
Gary Marbut Missoula 33
Max Riedl Florence 32 (won tie shootoff)
Travis Williams  32
Michael Haller Missoula 31
Lloyd Phillips Missoula 31
David Nelson Missoula 31
John Gross Missoula 30
Wayne Hills Missoula 29
Ray Paige Helena 24
Cameron Suter Missoula 24
KC Sutton Florence 24
Mark Riedl Florence 19
Dominic Borrelli  12