Match Results
April 18, 2009

Match report:  It was a great Montana spring day - sunshine and no snow (unlike last year).  Scott and Eric did a great job of refreshing the targets on the course.  It was a fine day to be shooting, and to learn something about wind.  30 shooters attended, formed into six squads of five shooters.

We're still wondering about this ringer of a kid who shot top of Hunter Class.  Chase came with his dad, Jim, who we guess has provided some coaching and maybe some gear.

All who attended had a super day (except maybe Steve and John with gun problems).

Tim Hagedorn     47
Jim Williams        43
Shawn Williams   41
Glen Demaray     40
Chris Gittings      40
Matt Cockrell      39
Bob Anton          36
Eric Smart           34
Willie Wegner     34
Ross Brickelmeyer 33
Ernie Bishop       28   
Steve Brown       27
Gary Marbut       27
Chris Haynes      24
Robert Olson      24
Sonny Stewart    22
Jim Shrider         22
Dwayne Pond     21
Rustin Slaughter  21
Ben Wilson         12
Steve Damron       3 Gun problems
Chase Williams     39
Mitchell Brown     33
Charlie Woolley    29
Tim Bently            25
Conner Gittings     21
Scott Morley          20
Breck Howard       16   
John Gross              X Gun problems